Flats Fishing Charters

I gear my flats fishing adventures towards more instruction than just soaking live bait. I will share my passion and expertise with you giving you the who, what, when, where, and why of fishing the flats. I fish strictly artificial lures, using only Z-Man Fishing Lures and various hard plastic baits. We will fish for shallow water Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder. These trips are typically ran on a brand new Blue Wave Pure Bay. These trips are best with a maximum of 2 anglers, however a 3rd or 4th can be added for a nominal fee. I am the ONLY inshore guide on the Gulf Coast who fishes on a true professional tournament series (The Yellowfin Yachts Professional One Man Redfish Series as seen on the Discovery Channel’s Destination America) as my full time job. I want to share my wealth of knowledge with you to make you a better and more effective fisherman the next time you are on the water.

Pricing for these trips are as follows:

  • Charters Starting as low as $375

Offshore Fishing Charters

Our offshore fishing trips are what Pensacola is known for. Who doesn’t want to catch giant Red Snapper and Grouper or huge Red Snapper and Yellowfin Tuna?

  • Charters starting as low as $375

Destination and Bow Fishing Charters

Every year, I make the trek to the Sportsman’s Paradise Louisiana. This charter is specific to teaching anglers the art of sight fishing redfish in the marshes of Louisiana. I teach my anglers how to find these fish and make proper casts to ensure success every time. If you have never made the trip to Louisiana to fish we me then your missing out. It truly is a trip of a lifetime.  We will either be fishing in Hopedale, Venice, or Houma Louisiana. Travel and lodging can be provided. For more information on these trips including time and pricing, please contact us via the Reservations page.

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