Photo Sep 09, 7 55 03 AMThis is what Pensacola is known for, its offshore fishery. There is nothing cooler than being offshore and hooking up on a fish bigger than you over and over and over again. Offshore fishing can be very seasonal especially with the strict regulations the state and federal government imposes on us. But even with those regulations, we still always manage to have a spectacular day. All of our vessels are offshore ready and can accommodate NO MORE than 6 passengers. Your crew will typically consist of just your captain and no deck hand. Should he work hard for you, please tip accordingly. We have trips for everything from Redsnapper and Grouper excursions, to Yellowfin Tuna and Blue Marlin adventures.

Our Nearshore are a little more laid back than the offshore specific trip. It will always be conducted within the sight of land so sea sickness is significantly reduced. Our most sought after fish are: Sheepshead, Jack Cravalle, Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, King Mackerel, and Amberjack. Nearshore fishing adventures are usually only set up for 4 anglers but other accommodations may be met with approval of your captain. This charter will not be conducted with a deck hand, your captain will double as your deck hand. So if he works hard for you, please keep in mind he works for tips as well.

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